"All the world says that you show an especially great cheerfulness and goodwill."
Robert Doisneau, 20th century French photographer.

Scarlett chose the Belleville district due to all its character and richness, spread across four arrondissements; the 10th, the 11th, the 19th and the 20th.


Annexed to the city of Paris in 1860, Belleville has seen many architectural and economic transformations over the centuries. And it is a fact that the people of Belleville feel they are Bellevillois first and Parisians second. "Everyone has his Belleville", said Françoise Morier, author of Belleville, Belle Ville. This family-friendly district is like a village within the city, and has been a village since the Middle Ages. Possibly the height of this hill in north-eastern Paris gives its residents a feeling of security and a sense of dominion over the city.


"It came to this crossroads as at a port.” Already by 1930, as stated by Eugène Dabit in his autobiographical work, Les Faubourgs de Paris, Belleville was an economically thriving area attracting merchants of all kinds: fruit and vegetables, newspapers, meat, books, fish, paintings, flowers, toys, spices ... Today the district also has Chinese restaurants, Islamic bookstores, and as many kosher pâtisseries as there are traditional bakeries. In the Roaring Twenties, artists, merchants and residents lived alongside each other in a joyful cultural symphony enlivened still further by the emergence of music halls and numerous markets. The Bellevue cinema - located at 118 Boulevard de Belleville - played movies in Yiddish. Today, on the site of the former cinema stands the Or-Hahaim synagogue, adjoining a Chinese computer store and a Tunisian restaurant. All are situated in buildings constructed in the post-war years by a French architect, who asked the state to revive the economy of the district


This is a place of long Sunday walks, jogging, or lovers strolling hand in hand through Belleville Park, all participating in the village atmosphere. Pedestrians greet lounging students as they pass, lovers say hello to active retirees who gaze fondly towards the Eiffel Tower in the distance, as artists work nearby... The shops still do a busy trade in food, culture, wellness, travel. But if Belleville is one of the most emblematic districts of the French capital, it is also because of its artistic effervescence. Addresses such as 72, Rue de Belleville, the Place Maurice Chevalier or 1, Rue Francis Picabia have become famous due to their connections with the early years of Edith Piaf, the rise to fame of Maurice Chevalier and the establishment of the Association des Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville...


Scarlett chose Belleville for its family and dynamic style, but also because this district offers a practical access to the most beautiful places of Paris. Belleville and Ménilmontant offer the walkers an other aspect of the capital. The cosmopolitan district of Belleville charms thanks to its diversity : a park whose belvedere offers a panoramic view of the centre of Paris, an artistic life full of dynamism, a big uncovered market… The « village » of Ménilmontant as for it invites the strollers to meander its narrow streets, to push the doors of its artist’s workshops, in a word to discover an authentic and popular Paris. At the foot of the Belleville park, the Scarlett is located 500 meters on foot from the emblematic park of Buttes-Chaumont. With nearly 25 hectares, the park is one of the largest green area of Paris.


"Do not be original, be unique." 
Zao Wou Ki, Chinese painter and engraver.

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Our reception wil be able to help yoiu to find your way around Paris, and a map of Paris is available inside your room

For Parisian taxi enthusiasts, Scarlett can arrange you a taxi driver for easy travel throughout the city.


The Hotel is ideally located; it’s very easy to reach Scarlett, whether you arrive by train, plane or car.

Charles de Gaulle Airport:
Take the RER B to Gare du Nord and then Metro lines 5 (République) and 11 to Pyrénées station.

Orly airport:
Take the RER C to Gare d'Austerlitz and then Metro lines 5 (République) and 11 to Pyrénées station.

Gare Montparnasse:
One change is sufficient to reach the Hotel Scarlett from the Gare de Montparnasse; take Metro line 4 to Châtelet station, then line 11 to Pyrénées station.

Gare de Lyon:
Take Metro line 1 to Hôtel de Ville and then line 11 to Pyrénées station.

Gare du Nord:
Take Metro line 2 from La Chapelle station to Belleville.

Line 11 - Belleville Pyrénées / Line 2 – Belleville

Route 26 - Pyrénées Belleville


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